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Wind INUBI carries the scent of novelty. Surprising, unpredictable and invincible, the wind penetrates deep down into your heart to sweep away the melancholic monotony. Carrying fresh experience, it enslaves the body and takes possession of the mind, never asking for permission.

The sensations this fragrance exudes carry enormous power. No one would forget its soft caress, which, after a while, takes your breath away with the power of the squall. Omnipresent and intense, the wind is everything and everywhere, evoking passion and desire. As the element of nature, it blends with those who are not afraid to show their individuality. The wind exudes the scent of spirits who never care about borders.

Eau de Perfum for WOMEN 100 ml
Type of fragrance: floral-fresh
Top notes: lily, black currant, lily of the valley
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, gardenia
Base notes: cedar wood, vanilla
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