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Rain INUBI sings silver notes. The chords of droplets run down in cascades to reveal the true nature of those who immerse in its beauty. Every drop of perfume provokes and permeates through your thoughts. Its impeccability lures your eyes, its delicate freshness entices magic with a whisper and arouses unexpected desire. Touch, tremor, boldness, coquetry and promise make you feel lured, tempted and enslaved.

Pure and innocent, crystal and avant-garde, flirtatious and hypnotic - the rain permeates your body, teasing it with waves and delicately strokes the skin. It invites you for a frantic race along the sea shores and caresses your skin with intimacy. The rain has never heard of the "impossible". Pandering the explosive heat, it comprehends the mystery of the opposites? irresistible attraction...

Eau de Perfum for WOMEN 100 ml
Type of fragrance: floral-green
Top notes: mimosa, leaves of strawberry, rose sprinkled with morning dew
Heart notes: peony, violet, wormwood flower, anise flower, fresh flowers
Base notes: musk, almond, cherry
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