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INUBI Company with the team of French perfumers from the company JEAN NIEL located in the French town ofGrasseoffers you the opportunity to create your own personal perfume which is unique to you.

Working on an individual formula lasts a minimum of six months and goes through several stages.
The final results are unique compositions that perfectly reflect the lifestyle and personality of their owners.The elegant flasks contain our hopes, desires, ourselves... Could it be magic?

There are days when you feel the power of the Earth soaked in the pouring rain. There are times when you are both Flame and Storm, which became its spark.

Sometimes it is good to feel under your feet the river bank bathed in the sun, and only a moment later get carried away on the wings of the blustery Winds. Break the covenance and find the fire at the bottom of the sea, warm your senses on a bed of ice, weave the gown with the smell of wild flowers. You know it and you can do it.

There are days when you reach for the stars. When you forge dreams into reality. When impossible becomes possible, and the magician in your life is you. You are a phenomenon, you are a miracle, you are yourself. Being caught up in creating your own universe, don?t you think it is a perfect time to design a scent as unique as you are? Commingle all that is dear to your heart. You can do it. You can do everything. You are everything.

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