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INUBI - fragrance in harmony with the elements of nature

INUBI is a company which has originated from the fascination with the individual beauty of fragrance. The greatest inspiration for INUBI comes from people, emotions and music created by Andreas Vollenweider. For us composing fragrances resembles touching the delicate strings of the harp of human emotions hidden in alluring scents of perfumes.
The unique INUBI fragrances were created by passionate artistic souls from Grasse - a French town north of Cannes in Provence, where a team of perfumers from the company JEAN NIEL composed a collection of perfumes inspired by the elements of nature infused in contemporary style.

For many generations JEAN NIEL has developed the exceptional and mysterious "soul of fragrance". Situated in the world capital of perfume for more than 200 years, JEAN NIEL currently features their ninth generation of perfume composers engaged in the work of passion for the refined art of fragrance. The craftsmanship and expertise of JEAN NIEL has earned them excellent reputation among the mostprominent and luxurious fashion houses around the world.

Our six modern fragrances inspired by the elements of nature are the embodiment of a year-long collaboration between INUBI and the JEAN NIEL perfume laboratory under the eye - or rather the nose - of one of the greatest and most distinguished artists of perfume design, the Master of Perfumery (Maitre Parfumeur) GERARD ANTHONY.

This is the creation story of the intriguing perfume collection INUBI - Flame, Storm, Rain, Wind, Earth and Fire - fascinating, mysterious, and elegant. All compositions have their own unique style and personality. Each fragrance is a subtle marriage of refined perfume notes, with the long-lasting and continuously evolving effect on the skin.

Welcome to the sensual world of INUBI offering a delightful and individual journey through the "language of fragrance" with no need for words ...

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