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Flame INUBI intrigues our senses with an aromatic whiff of independence. The untamed flame stirs up temptations and invites us to dance. Come with me, prove that you are free to run off the schemes, it allures and ignites our senses. The flame offers the promise of fiery passion, but only to those who would never hold it back. To those who are strong enough to embrace it. To those who are aware of their power and potential.

Flame's tinkering mood evokes the feeling of Love: elusive, changeable, and powerful. Rampant and uncontrollable, the flame burns so fiercely that its tongues overshadow the whole world, making it impossible to look away. So hypnotizing... The flame tempts us with the dazzling fragrance of impatient nights and flamenco music combined with the redness of luscious lips, promising rewards to those who subdue to its will.

Eau de Perfum for WOMEN 100 ml
Type of fragrance: woody-spicy
Top notes: cinnamon, peach, plum
Heart notes: caravay, cloves, rose, ylang ylang, violet
Base notes: patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, amber
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