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Fire INUBI flickers and tempts with its irresistible character. It casts a spell and forms a circle. Who once crossed its threshold, never wants to leave it. The fire invites you to delve into the mystery accessible only to those who are able to possess the world. Seduced with the scent of beauty, the burning senses are easily taken captive.
The fire intertwines its power with the heat of the sun hidden in a speck of desire. The caress of summer beach and the sense of unlimited freedom mingles with the anxiety of a night fever. Consonance of touch, beyond which there is nothing worthy of attention, smoothly combines with the certainty that no one can resist the blaze. Powerful and astonishing fragrance captivates anyone who is willing to face the fire in the eternal power of passion.

Eau de Perfum for MEN 100 ml
Type of fragrance: fern-amber
Top notes: bergamot, lavender
Heart notes: lavender, geranium
Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean, ambra
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